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    Here is a sneak peak at some of our previous events.

    23 March


    What an amazing evening. A huge thanks to Georgie from Trigger Conversations for hosting the second Trigger Dinner.



    Spicy mango (OB) salsa served on mini poppadom.


    (OB) = Odd Box Produce

    2 March

    Central London

    This was the very first Trigger Dinner; in collaboration with Georgie from Trigger Conversations. Georgie hosted some engaging and unusual conversation over a four course meal.


    Image above - EARL GREY PEAR TART

    Frangipane tart with Earl Grey poached pears (OB)


    (OB) = Odd Box Produce

    10 November

    Surprise Location: House Boat, near Regents Park

    Paul Coverdale of Future Debates joined us again, this time to hold a debate about future uses of plants. Tasty Misfits (now Odd Box) provided the amazing surplus fruit and veg.



    Kiwi fruit (OB) muddled with vodka, simple syrup and lemon juice, topped with soda.


    (OB) = Odd Box Produce

    25 August

    Escape School, London

    We were lucky to have Paul Coverdale join us to kick off a debate about food waste. Tasty Misfits provided surplus fruit and veg and Spare Fruit provided their delicious apple juice made with surplus fruit.



    Honey poached peaches (OB) with ricotta, pistachios and Mallee honey.


    (OB) = Odd Box Produce

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  • The story so far

    For the love of simple, sustainable food that transitions with the seasons.


    Chasing Curiosities

    In January 2016 I began working with a wonderful team of inspiring individuals. Keen to reduce the cost of meals and to encourage people to eat seasonal and sustainable food, I started cooking staff meals. Inspired by the positive feedback I received, I offered to expand this to cater the events we run. This was the beginning of Escape the Onion.


    Seasonal, Sustainable and Wonky

    I love cooking with seasonal, sustainable and wonky produce. Why??


    Have you ever eaten strawberries in December been disappointing by their blandness? Do you balk at the price of blackberries in April? Buying produce when it's in season means it's at its best. Tastier, fresher and best of all it's more affordable.


    But wonky produce... for a long time we have been able to buy fruit and veg of a standard shape, size and colour. Most of us would reject a crooked carrot, a bruised tomato or a dimpled apple, regardless of how good it actually tasted. Ultimately this means a lot of food is going to waste. To raise awareness and encourage the use of wonky fruit and veg, I use wonky produce wherever I can.


    Feeding a Crowd

    Building community and creating conversation over healthy and delicious meals.


    I have been hosting a series of supper clubs for groups in London to meet, eat and talk. If you want to attend one of my supper clubs then please get in touch.

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